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Essential Questions:
  • Do Hard times create strong leaders?
  • How can war effect people in different ways?
  • Is Appeasement an effective strategy?
  • Did the end of the war bring peace or more conflict?

Quick Video on the Causes of WWII: Watch it and formulate some ideas on how the war began

You Ask the Questions activity:

  • Scan through the four sections of the Chapter

  • Ask three or four questions that you would kie answered for each of the sections.

  • Please label you questions by sections

Overview of the War:

Here is a link to an interactive website on WWI:WWII: A Global Perspective
The website is an interactive map that include three topic areas:
1. North America
2 Europe and Africa
3. Asia

  • Click on one area of the map at a time.
  • This will open a number of thumbnail images that provide different material
  • Comment on what you see and read and hear in the dialectical journal which is divided by designated map areas
A copy of the dialectical journal can be found here.....

Reflective Writing piece: Now that you have completed your work with the interactive map and your dialectical journal on what you read, viewed, and heard; it is time to reflect on all that information. The directions to the reflection writing piece are here.....

  • Complete the work in a word document.
  • Print a copy and upload your work to your wiki

Complete the timeline activity located here....

Section 1: Axis Aggression:

Guide Questions:
1. In what ways did Germany expand in the late 1930s?
2. What alliances did Axis nations make in the 1930s?
3. How did the war begin?
4. What were the causes and Japan's attack on the United States?

Section 1 Terms:

Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor:

The Allied Response:

FDR's Day of Infamy Speech

Summary of WWI:

Attached is a timeline highlighting key events of WWII

Read and Mark up :Summary of WWII by events

  • Based on your markup, write a summary for each year's event in your wiki.

Copy the following into your wiki:

Headlines on WWII: