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Essential Questions:

  • What is terrorism?
  • Who decides on what constitutes terrorism?
  • Where is the world headed in the next century?
  • When is the use of force acceptable?
  • What principles govern how force can be used?

  • Define terrorism
  • Evaluate the impact of the September 11th events on the American public and the world
  • Explain the role of Osama bin Laden and AL Qaeda in the modern age of terrorism
  • Assess the difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorists
  • Evaluate the importance of perspective in an historical event

Assignment one: Library

Each student is to create a Modern Terrorism page on their wiki

  • Each student is to write a detailed definition ( to the best of your ability) on terrorism on your newly created Terrorism page

  • I encourage students to use Personal crocodoc.com to copy the document and mark it up using this tool then uploading to wiki.
  • A copy of the article as a word document has been add here:
  • After completing the mark up go back to your definition of terrorism and add what you consider to be the most important information you gained from reading the article to your definition IN RED
  • any work not completed in class is to be completed for homework

Library Assignment Two:
  • The class will watch the video clip on United Nations Struggles to define Terrorism.

  • Add information gained from watching the clip to your definition of terrorism in blue so that I know it is information gained from this clip
  • Students will watch on their individual computers, the clips on One Man's Terrorist is Another Man's Freedom Fighter Different Views: The link is Here Please use headphones.
  • Use the template attached to record your notes:
  • When you have completed the template. Save it to your U drive, name it, then upload it to your terrorist wiki page using the file button on tool bar of edit mode

Library Assignment 3 (period 3 on Wednesday, September 18th and Period 4, Thursday September 19th)

  • This assignment is divided into two parts. Both parts are to be completed using your personal crocodoc accounts and then embeded it into your wiki
  • The first document is provided below and you are to upload it to your crocodoc account to mark it up

  • Remember to follow the four steps of the Mark Up Protocol provided to you
  • The second document is provided below and you are to upload it to your personal crocodoc account to mark it up

  • Remember to answer the three questions provided for each of the case studies at the end of the document.(You should answer the three questions for each of the case studies.)
  • What ever is not finished in class is to be completed for homework

LIBRARY ASSIGNMENT 4: (Friday, September 20,2013)
  • Create a new page in your wiki and name it Resources
  • Mrs. Musilli will show you how to use the vetted resources of the MHS library to help you conduct research for our terrorist/freedom fighter project

Terrorist or freedom fighter.jpg

Assessment for Terrorist Unit:

  • We Have completed a great deal of work defining and comparing definitions and actions of a terrorist and and freedom fighter
  • Now it is time to "show what you know!"

  • You will work in pairs and be assigned an organization that you will defend as a freedom fighter group or prove it is a terrorist group

  • Below are word documents that help explain the project:

rough draft.jpg

Below is a sample draft of a position paper to give you an idea of what types of information can be included in each paragraph. This is only a draft and clearly needs more material and refining:


Rubric for Position Paper and Presentation:

Opener on Position paper rough draft:

check list.jpg

Link for 9/11 film9/11 video link
Watch the Video below and complete the dialectical journal template

Background for Time Line on Modern terrorism:

We will all start our time lines with the 1972 Olympics
A brief background video on the event is below:

Link to CIA Fact book on Syria: Here

Great Link on the Conflict: Here

List five things you learned about Israel from this map:
external image map_of_syria.jpg

external image mapmiddleeast.gif

Background on Syria

Following World War I, France acquired a mandate over the northern portion of the former Ottoman Empire province of Syria. The French administered the area as Syria until granting it independence in 1946. The new country lacked political stability, however, and experienced a series of military coups during its first decades. Syria united with Egypt in February 1958 to form the United Arab Republic. In September 1961, the two entities separated, and the Syrian Arab Republic was reestablished. In November 1970, Hafiz al-ASAD, a member of the Socialist Ba'th Party and the minority Alawi sect, seized power in a bloodless coup and brought political stability to the country. In the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, Syria lost the Golan Heights to Israel. During the 1990s, Syria and Israel held occasional peace talks over its return. Following the death of President al-ASAD, his son, Bashar al-ASAD, was approved as president by popular referendum in July 2000. Syrian troops - stationed in Lebanon since 1976 in an ostensible peacekeeping role - were withdrawn in April 2005. During the July-August 2006 conflict between Israel and Hizballah, Syria placed its military forces on alert but did not intervene directly on behalf of its ally Hizballah. In May 2007 Bashar al-ASAD was elected to his second term as president. Influenced by major uprisings that began elsewhere in the region, antigovernment protests broke out in the southern province of Da'ra in March 2011 with protesters calling for the repeal of the restrictive Emergency Law allowing arrests without charge, the legalization of political parties, and the removal of corrupt local officials. Since then demonstrations and unrest have spread to nearly every city in Syria, but the size and intensity of protests have fluctuated over time, and Aleppo and Damascus have remained relatively calm. The government has responded to unrest with a mix of concessions - including the repeal of the Emergency Law and approving new laws permitting new political parties and liberalizing local and national elections - and force. However, the government's response has failed to meet opposition demands for ASAD to step down, and the government's ongoing security operations to quell unrest and a rise in armed opposition activity have led to violent clashes between government forces and oppositionists. In November 2011, international pressure on the ASAD regime intensified as the 22-nation Arab League and Turkey voted to impose economic sanctions. As of January 2012, the UN Human Rights Council estimated that at least 5,400 people had been killed since the onset of Syrian protests.

Taken from:
Syria Introduction 2012

Image Detective:

1. Ask a Question:
2. Identify clues in the picture (what do you see?)
3. What is your conclusion
4. Share with classmates

external image syria-and-world-press-disagree-598x499.jpg

Link to stories of refugees: Syrians fleeing to Jordan

Opener: What do you think the poster below means?
external image tn_Terrorist.jpeg

Preparing for Simulation:

external image Chaos-in-Syria.jpg


  • The first day of research, we are going to learn more about the situation in Syria. We have to research the problem before we can research our countries response to it\

  • Excellent slide show "Syria: The story of Conflict" Here
  • This site gives you an excellent background on the Players in the conflict: "Syria: Nation Divided" Heree
  • Summary of the War in Syria Summary

Also this:BBC Summary
  • Read the summary
  • identify key information and reasons for the struggle
  • Be sure to clique on other links within the story so you have a better understanding of the players
  • Create a term sheet to help you understand the conflict

Tenth Year Anniversary of September 11, 2001
This coming Sunday marks the 10th Anniversary of the most deadly terrorist attack on American soil. Below is a video of the 911 Memorial that will be dedicated at ground zero to honor the men and women who lost their lives on this fateful day.

As you watch the video use the dialectical journal format template to writ e down notes on what you see and reflect on thier significance

external image airplane9.gif

Opener: Thinking About 9-11
  • List 10 words or short phrases that you associate with with the 9-11 Attack of 2001
  • Once your list is completed, we will move into small group work to decide on the top ten words or phrases for the group.
  • We will design a class wordle that displays your feelings on the event


Timeline of Events on 9-11

Setember 11th timeline

Formatting and styling your map

Remembrance Sites and Activities

An excellent interactive site on Terrorism and violence in the world in 2011 Interactive terrorism map

Preparing for Terrorism Assessments:
external image mind_map250dpi_50%2050%2060_comp_resize.JPG

Mind Maping ideas:

Mind maps on Terrorism may be completed digitally or creating a hard copy.

Below are links and tutorials to a tool for digital mind mapping:


Here are some tutorials for mind mapping using mindmono:

Making a map:

Saving your map

working with topics

sharing mindmap

Below is a sample draft of the start of a mind map using mindmono :

Requirements for mind map:

Copy of Mind Map rubric:

Directions on how to send Mind Map through Gmail


  1. 1. Be sure to create Mindomo Account using your Gmail account
  2. 2. Follow Tutorials Provided on my Wikispace: http://mastromaurowh.wikispaces.com on “Terrorism” Page.

Steps to Creating & Embedding Mindomo Presentations To Wikispaces


  1. 1. Be sure to create Mindomo Account using your Gmail account
  2. 2. Follow Tutorials Provided on my Wikispace: http://mastromaurowh.wikispaces.com on “Terrorism” Page.
  1. Click On Your Presentation
  2. Go To The “Share” Button on the Top Right Hand Corner
  3. Click On “Embed In Website”
  4. Go To “Share Settings..” & Add My Gmail Address: cmastrohistory@gmail.com
  5. The Select “Can Modify”
  6. Click On “Add Message” & Paste The Embed Code In the Message Box
  7. Click “Done”

Directions for Reflections:


  • Both classes had been granted an extension....both due Monday.
  • Block 1 may pass their work in before school, during lunch or at 1:45. Work may also be sent electronically before school.