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You will take part in an emergency meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the recent events in Syria and to debate the need for actions, if any, to be taken against the government of Syria or the insurgents. The topic to be debated is whether actions of the rebel groups are acts of freedom fighters or terrorists designed to disrupt the recognized government of Syria and/or whether the acts of the Syrian government are acts of "state terrorism" against their people or a government protecting the nation.
Two students will represent the Syrian government and two students will represent the three major groups of the opposition. The remainder of the students will work in pairs to represent bordering countries of Syria as well as a select number of other countries.
Students will debate the issue from the perspective of the Syrian group or the country they represent.
The countries to be included are Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, France, Iran, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt, China, and Russia.

Below are links to help you gain information on your group or country:
Syrian Government:

Violence in Syria Stems from Foreign Aggression

Iranian Review on Violence in Syria

U.S. Hires Thugs to Remove Syrian Regime

Lakhdar Brahimi America's New Point Man in Syria

U.S. and Israel Create Army of Terrorists in Syria
Video:Assad compares Syrian Crackdown to Surgeon saving a patient's life

Can be used to back Bashaar's case that their are terrorists fueling the rebels:Slideshow on Growing Jihadi in Syria

Syrian Rebels:

1. Syrian National Council
Syrian National Council


2. National Co-ordination Committee for Democratic Change (NCC)

NCC and Syrian Regime

3. Free Syrian Army (FSA)

Defying a Dictator: Meet the FSA

This video provides a view of the rebel fighting:

Countries Taking part in Debate:

The Links below can be used by all countries:
This site has statements of all countries on the Syrian Conflict: International Reactions to the Syrian Civil War

This site has background information on all countries. Good for Getting to Know your Country: Alapedia
This site is good for foreign relations between Syria and many nations: Foreign Relations between Syria and other Nations
This site is good for researching Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Lebanon: Volatile relations in Middle East

China CIA Fact book

CIA Factbook

BBC Profile on China

Video: China's stance on Syria

China Syria Relations

Why China won't Condemn SyriaChina opposed to safe zone in Syria


CIA Factbook on Egypt

Arab Uprising Country by Country

BBC Profile on Egypt

Egypt Trying to Persuade Iran to Drop Assad
Good Overview video on Egypt's Arab Spring:

004 | Egypt's Arab Spring | Escape and Control by EscapeAndControl


France -Syria Relations

CIA Factbook on France

BBC Profile on France

UNeasy relationship Between France and Syria

CIA Factbook on India

BBC Profile on India

Do Not Take Sides on Syria

India Syria relations

Facts about India Syria Relations India's Position on Syria: A tight Balancing Act


CIA Fact Book on Iran

BBC Profile on Iran

Iran Syria Relations

U.S. Institute on Peace Review of Iran Syrian Relations

Iranian Worries of the Defeat of Assad


CIA Factbook on Iraq

BBC Profile on Iraq

Iraq Syria Relations

This article is about how the Syrian Conflict is causing a rise in Religious fanatics in Iraq Here


CIA Factbook on Israel

BBC Profile on Israel

Israel Syria Relations

This article highlight Israeli concerns about Syrian fighting: Syrian Crisis Fuels already Volatile Relations in Middle East
Syria: The View from Israel


CIA Factbook on JOrdan

BBC Profile on Jordan

Jordan Syria Relations

Select the country of Jordan in the website Here
This Article pertains to Jordan as well as other Arab countries Unrest in Middle East
Refugee Camps in Jordan

Refugee Conditions in Tent Cities in Jordan


CIA Factbook on Lebanon

BBC Profile on Lebanon

Lebanon Syria Relations

Tensions Mount on Syria Lebanon Border

Lebanon Worries ABout Spillover effect of Syrian Crisis

Terrorist Havens in Lebanon


CIA Factbook on Russia

BBC Profile on Russia

Russian Syria Relations This is a great site to get an overview of the relationship between the two countries

Why Russia Won't Yield on Syria

Russia wants Sanctions against Syria Lifted

Saudi Arabia:

CIA Factbook on Saudi Arabia

BBC Profile on Saudi Arabia

new Chapter for Syria Saudi Relations

Saudi Syrian Relations: A Historical Divide

Saudi Arabia's al Qaeda Challenge

United Kingdom:

CIA Factbook on the United Kingdom

BBC Profile on UK

UK Syria Relations


CIA Factbook on Turkey

BBC Profile on Turkey

Turkey Syria Relations

Turkey does not see Syria War in Sectarian Terms

Fleeing Syrians Playing Cat and mouse with Turkish TroopsTurkey will only allow Syrians with passports across its borders

The Simulation:

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Now that your research is done we are ready to begin the work of presenting your research:
Opening statements:

Position papers:

Below is a sample of a position paper filled out for a fictitious country:

Below is a sample position paper based on the template for a country:

Below is a sample position paper based on the template for the Syrian Government:

Below is a sample position paper based on the template for the Syrian Rebels:

Rules and Procedure for Simulation:

Videos: to Review Topic:

UN View on Syria:

Impact of War on the people of Syria:

Below is President Obama's Speech to he General Assembly on September 25, 2012: