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World War I and social unrest combined to push Russia to the edge of revolution. The events that followed led to Russia's exit from WWI and became a turning point in world history. Two revolutions actually took place within Russia during this time period. The first is known as the Russian Revolution and the second is known as the Bolshevik Revolution.


Explain the long term and short term causes of Russian Revolution
Evaluate the impact of WWI on the Russian Revolution
Evaluate the impact of the revolution on the future of Russia

Essential Questions:
  • What causes a Revolution?
  • Can people ever equally share ressources?
  • Do military orders have to be followed? Why or why not?

Below is a very brief PPT of an overviewe of the Russian Revolution:
PPT Russian Revolution
  • In your wiki, add five things that you learned abolut the revolution from this powerpoint:

Inquiry Activity: Long Term and Short Term Causes of Russian Revolution

  • Use the internet to identify the long term causes of the Russian Revolution.

Record the information you gather in the attachment provided here:

A good site to begin with:BBC Long Term Causes

Please use one or two additional sites to complete this work and annotate them on your graphic before you upload it.

  • Use the internet to identify short term causes of the Russian Revolution

Record the information you gather in the attachment provided here:

A good site to begin with:Causes of Revolution or : Revolution of 1917

Visual Discovery Activity:

Complete an I See/It Means based on the cartoon below:


You can use this graphic to complete the visual discovery
You may use your on line text or you may use the internet to complete this work

Role of Rasputin:
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Grigory Rasputin has been seen as a major contributor to the fall of the Romanov Dynasty. It was believed by many Russians that he had an enormous influence of the Tsarina Alexandra while Tsar Nicholas led the troops duirng WWI. The Tsarina believed that Rasputin could save her son from the problems of hemophilia.

Below is a video clip on Rasputin:

As you watch the clip take notes here....

Material for Russian revolution Test: external image Test2.gif
1. Russian Revolution PPT
2. Long term causes of the Revolution
3. Short Term Causes of the Revolution
4. Visual Discovery
5. Section 3 Terms
6. DJ Rasputin
7. GO Russian Revolution

The Following three Review Assignments must be completed before the test

1. Opener:

List and explain what you see as the most significant long term and short term cause of the Russian Revolution. Explain your answer:

2. VIsual Discovery Activity:
  • analyze the political cartoon that is on my wiki about Rasputin: external image Rasputin.jpg
  • Now that you have completed the Dialectical journal on the movie clip on Rasputin, in Paragraph form, explain the message of this cartoon. USe evidence from your dialectical journal to support your claim.

3. Russian Revolution Activity: ( Based on graphic organizer)

What do you see as the major changes in Russia after the Revolution? Evaluate their impact on the Russian People

Video Clips from NIcholas and Alexandra

Below are a series of video clips taken

Section 1: Start at 2:05)Birth of Alexi and its importanceWhy Nicholas would not pull out of Russo-Japanese War
Section 2:
Mistake to remain in Russo JApanese War
Mother's Advice to the Tsar at her lavish birthday party
Introduction of Rasputin

Part 3
Problems faced by royal family
Problems faced by factory workers
Hope for aid from the Tsar

Section 5:
Impact of Bloody Sunday on the royal family and the people of Russia

Part 6:
Prime Minister Stolypin warns the Tsar about the poor behavior of Rasputin
Encourages the Tsar to pull out of Russo Japanese War
He tells the trsar of the unrest in the cities and factories and the talk of revolt

Section 9:
Tsar wants to enter WWI