nuclear proliferation.jpgNuclear Proliferation

Essential Questions:

  • Who determines who gets to have WMD’s and who doesn't get to have them?
  • Nuclear deterrents: Do the ends justify the means?
  • Is it possible to un-invent any object deemed too dangerous to exist?
  • Is the UN too weak? Too powerful?
  • What options are available to non-aligned countries to defend themselves from superpowers?

  • List 10 words that you would use to describe the impact of nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction

  • What do you think the quote "It is 5 minutes to Midnight means in reference to nuclear weapons

Digital copy of opener here:

Link to article on Global Nuclear Weapons Inventories, 1945-2013 Here A paper copy will also be provided

Questions on article

Wednesday, January 8th: Classes in Library:

Both periods 3 and 4 will complete the attached opener ad upload completed work to the nuclear proliferation page of their wiki;

Period 3 will work with the series of videos below and complete the template provided as a named Google doc and upload it to their wiki. You may wish to print a copy of the document for your on demand writing piece on Thursday>

Period 4 will copy and paste the questions on Nuclear proliferation into a Google doc and then upload the link of the completed work to their wiki page

A series of brief Videos from the Choices program:

A Template for note-taking is provided. Copy into a Google Doc. When completed link named Google Doc to the nuclear proliferation page of your wiki

1. What Impact would a nuclear attack have on the United States: Here

2. How did the end of the Cold War change international relations Here

3. What problems do we face from nuclear weapons? Here

4. Why are some countries allowed to have nuclear weapons?Here

5. Why would countries like North Korea and Iran want nuclear weapons? Here

6. What are the Consequences in Asia of North Korea's nuclear weapons Program?Here

7. Why might Iran want nuclear weapons?Here

8. What would happen in the Middle East if Iran had nuclear weapons? Here

Thursday, January 9th: Classes held in Library:

Period 3: Students will complete an on demand writing piece based on the Choices video clips and print copies
of completed work to be passed in.

Period 4: will watch the series of Choices videos and complete the template provided as a named Google doc and upload it to their wiki. You may wish to print a copy of the document for your on demand writing piece on Friday

Friday, January 10th: Classes held in Library

Period 3 will watch the video will watch the video; "White lightning/Black Rain: Use guide topics below to write notes

Period 4 will complete the on demand wriitng piece on videos on nuclear proliferation

Below is a copy of the documentary "White Lightning/Black Rain: The destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. This is a vivid account the bombing and the after effects on Japan.

Monday, January 27th period 4: (period 3 on Tuesday)

  • Highlights of Midterms


Click on the link provided here for NUKEMAP: here

  • Follow the directions provided on the site
  • Write in your wiki a brief summary of what happened to the city you selected for the attack based on the type of weapon you selected
  • Title the section of your wiki NUKEMAP Bombing results

Terms on Nuclear proliferation:

Complete the term sheet attached here as a Google Doc

  • upload named completed document to your wiki

Complete map questions for Homework ( paper copy)

Opener: Paragraph using terms( to be completed on Wednesday as opener

Think/write: Options on Nuclear Proliferation

  • Read short introduction on all three options
  • Select an option that you feel you could support in a brief
  • Take the in depth option sheet on your selection and mark it up (no so what paragraph)
  • You may also take a copy of the other two options to prepare your counter claims
  • Use the guide topics to prepare your brief
  • There will be an on demand writing piece in class on Thursday