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It was in the 19th century that nationalism became a widespread and powerful force. Nationalism sparked revolutions across Europe. New nations such as Germany and Italy were formed along cultural lines. Absolute monarch fell. Nationalist movements forever changed the map of Europe as well as it's balance of power

Essential Questions:

  • Who is in and who is out? Who defines which people belong in a national society?
  • Does nationalism unite or divide?
  • Why did a strong sense of nationalism begin in Europe before other parts of the world ?

Video Clip on Concept of Nationalism:
  • Watch and listen to the Nationalism video below.
In Your wiki:
  • Write down things that you hear about nationalism
  • Reflect on what you believe is the composer's opinion of nationalism and why (evidence)

Complete the activity on what it is like to be an American?

Preview Section 1 of Chapter 10. Pages 315-319.

Record in your wiki information you gained from looking at graphics, subtitles graphs........

Complete I See/It Means on the American Symbol


What qualities are displayed in the United States Seal? How do they relate to Nationalism?

Explain why each of these elements is important to nationalism:
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Map: Europe, 1815
Map: Europe, 1815

Using the map above,complete the following activities:
1. Analyze: hHow would you describe the political geography of Germany and Italy at this time?

2. Predict: Based on the map, what challenges do you Italy would face as it unified?

3. Observe: Bases on your analysis of the map, how do you think the unification of Italy and Germany impacted nationalistic feelings in Europe?

Use the attched dialectical journal form while you view the video clip on Nationalism from Chapter 10 of our text book:

How to Determine the qualities of Nationalism:

Based on what we have done so far on nationalism complte the attached Frayer Model :

National Seal Mini Project:
The attached document gives the the directions to complete your national seal project

Sample glogster:

model interpretation of a seal:

Congress of Vienna
The Congress of Vienna marked the end of Napoleonic rule had a huge impact on the Spread of Nationalism in Europe.

Listen and watch the clip on history through maps on Europe from the Congress of Vienna to the outbreak of WW.

Europe and the Congress of Vienna

As you interact with the map, complete the Dialectical journal attached here:

Unification of Italy

external image ITALIA%2521%2521%2521.GIF

To complete the following activities, please read Italian Unifcation on pages 316-319 in your text or on line text.

Complete the Graphic organizer on Mazzini, Cavour and Garibaldi and upload the completed work to the nationalism page of your wiki.

Reflection Question:Which of the three men had the largest impact on ITalian Unifcation and why? (use evidcence from your GO to support your response)

Copy the questions below anad answer them on the nationalism page of your wiki: Use your text or work completed in your wiki to answer the questions)

1. How did nationalism grow in Italy after the Congress of Vienna?

2. Identify and explain the social and economic problems faced by the new nation.

3. Identify and explain some of the reforms institued by the new nation
4. How did Italy's foreign policy change after unification?
Let's see how much you know about the Italian Unification, take the quiz provided in the link below:

Practice Quiz on Italian Unification

Before we move on to German unification complete the following post reflection activity:

Copy and paste the following activity into your wiki below the answers to the required questions:

Identify and explain the causes of the Italian Unifcation as well as the positive and negative effects of unification.

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As a final activity on the unification of Italy, you will create a visual of all the words and phrases and people you associate with Italian Unification.

Steps:Create the Heading Wordle on Italian Unification in your wiki

1. Make a list of words and phrases that you associate with Italian Unification in your wiki:2. Go and press create.3. Copy the words and phrases from your brainstorming list into your wordle. Remember use the words you feel are most important several times so they will appear bigger in the wordle. 4. Embed your wordle into your wiki

5. In a pargarph explain your usage of words and phrases.

German Unification

external image otto%20von.gif

Content Questions:

What steps did Germany take toward unification?What was BIsmarck's plan for Germany and how did he hope to achieve it?How did wars lead to the uification of the German Empire?In what ways did Germany grow and change after unification?

Video clip on German Unification:
  • Place the heading: Commentary on German Unification Video in your wiki
  • Take notes on what you learn from the video.
  • Also research the following terms and explain them in your wiki page:
Junker class
Blood and Iron Speech

Attached is a document that highlights the steps of German Unification:

Opener: Explain one thing you learned about German Unification in each of the categories below from your mark up:1. Economic independence2. Schleswig-Holstein3. Austrian Prussian War4. Franco Prussian War

  • make a copy of the document and upload it to your wiki using crocodocs
  • Once you have read the document take notes on the graphic organizer prpovided and upload this to your wiki
In A pargraph, summarize the key events that led to the unification of Germany.
BIsmarck Activities:

You have been selected to write a biography of Bismaarck's political career. Bases on your two-column notes, write the introduction to your work:

Analyze the quote in the picture below:
external image Bismark_iron-and-blood.jpg

external image the-giant-german-ogre-caricature-of-otto-von-bismarck.jpg
Use the Image Detective Strategy to analyze the political cartoon above:

Image Detective:

1. Pose a question about the picture
2. Gather clues from what you see in the picture
3. Draw a conclusion about the picture
The German Empire underwent a number of changes after unification.

Unrest in Russia

external image P1010139.jpg

In the first half of the 1800s, Russia was one of the great powers of Europe. Russian troops helped defeat Napoleon and Russian leaders helped reorganize Russia after his fall. But Russia was very different from Europe's other powers. The Russian Empire was huge. It stretched eastward far into Asia and included many different ethnic groups.
In the 1800s and early 1900s Russians rebelled against the absolute power of the czar and demanded social reforms.

Content focus Questions:
1. What was government and society like in Russia in the first half of the 1800s?
2. What were some examples of reform and repression in Russia?
3. How did war and revolution affect Russia in early 1900s?

Use the Image Detective Strategy to analyze the political cartoon above:

Image Detective:

1. Pose a question about the picture
2. Gather clues from what you see in the picture
3. Draw a conclusion about the picture

external image alexanderII.jpg

Preview Section 4: Unrest in Russia:
external image preview_icon.jpg

  • Preview pages 330-334 using your text or online book
  • Look at pictures, graphs, subtitles, bold print....
  • Reflect: Record what you believe will be the main topics of focus in this section in your wiki

Below is a link to a prezzi that displays an overview of the causes and effects leading up to Bloody Sunday and the Revolution of 1905Causes and Effects Leading to Bloody Sunday

Overview of Czars:

The following graphic organizer will be an excellent study guide on the last of the Romanov Czars'

Read pages 331-334 on the Czars. Some research on czrs and topics will be necessary to complete this work fully

Details for this writing piece will be given in class

The actual event:

Letter to the Editor Activity:

  • The letter to the editor will be based on activites and videos on Bloody Sunday as well as your mark up of the Communist Manifesto document below
  • You may also want to look for eyewitness accounts of the event
  • Sample link: reports on Bloody Sunday
  • response to Bloody Sunday

Details for this writing piece will given in class.