Israel- Palestine Conflict

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  • Copy the Essential Questions into your Wiki
  • How would you respond to each of the Essential questions?

Essential Questions:

  • Can people live in peace together when deeply held beliefs and views are in conflict?
  • Should the international community play a role in helping countries establish self-determination?
  • Is it ever OK for victims to become the persecutors?
  • Is violence justified when access to resources is cut off?
  • Does the Holocaust excuse Israel from overreaching partition boundaries with Palestine?

Monday, April 7, 2014

  • Create a Israel - Palestine wiki Page
  • Upload a picture/graphic/or political cartoon that represents this topic

Introduction to the Israeli-Palestine Question:

Tuesday period 3 and Wednesday period 4:

  • Pair share/DJ
  • Reflection: Identify and explain the bias of this video clip (Google doc and then attach the shared document to your wiki)

Terms For Unit:
  • upload completed terms to wiki
  • print a hard copy

Opener: Picture Detective:
  • Copy into your wiki

  • Ask a question
  • What clues do you see do you see?
  • What is the message of the cartoon
or upload completed document:

A hard copy of this document below will be provided in class
  • The reader will be covered in sections and guide questions will be provided for each section
  • Work will be completed in a Google doc.
  • Once all questions are completed the named Google doc will be uploaded to your wiki and you are to print a hard copy of your responses

A comprehensive summary of the Conflict: Primer of the Israeli-Arab Conflict

Guide Questions: Part One: Copy and paste into a NAMED Google DOC

  • Watch the video
  • what is the message?
  • What is the bias?

In the late 1880's a group of Zionists traveled to Palestine to see what it offered as a Jewish homeland. One Zionist said, when he returned to Europe;
"The Bride is beautiful but she is married to another man"
  • What was meant by this quote:

Reflection: Part 1 Guide questions:

1. What information did you find most interesting about the conflict from this portion of the reader?
2. Explain and give examples of how other nations and international organizations impacted the conflict.

Guide Questions 2:

  • Pair/share answers to questions
  • Discuss any problems on guide questions

Reflection on Guide questions 2: (copy and paste and answer directly in your wiki)

  • How did the UN try to keep peace in the region?
  • How did war impact the region?
  • Reflect on the treatment of Palestinian refugees

Visual Time line of Israeli- Palestine ConflictTimeline of Israel Palestine.PNG:
If this is difficult to read, the link is Here

Directions: Look at the map that spans 1917 to the present, make five observations about the changes you see and why they happened

Guide Questions 3: Upload to your Google Doc


  • Pair/Share responses to questions

  • Copy and paste the reflection questions below and Answer the following reflection questions on Guide questions 3 directly into your wiki:

1. What role did the international community play in the 1967 War?
2. How can "language be used to one's advantage? (UN resolution 242)
3. Evaluate the treatment of Palestinian refugees by Israelis after the war? what are some possible reasons for this treatment?

  • What additional information did you learn about the Six Day War from the Video Below:
  • Include information in your wiki

Link to guide questions 4 to be added to your Google doc:


Pair/share guide questions

Reflection Questions for Guide Questions 4: (Copy,paste, and answer in your wiki:)

  • Evaluate Israel's response to the 1st Intifada. How could it have been handled differently?
  • Evaluate the US role in the peace attempts in the region. What were the causes of successes and failures?
  • Assess the role of Israel and the PLO in attempts at peace.

Read the material on the Yom Kippur War provided by the History Channel Here

Complete the dialectical journal provided here:

Design a a political cartoon on the war and upload it to your wiki. Please also write the message of your cartoon

Sample Cartoon:
Yom Kippur 2.PNG

My political cartoon gives a very bare-basic summary of what happened in the war. Egypt and Syria both attack Israel on Yom Kippur to catch Israel off guard. Egypt and Syria were making gains before the Israelites turned the war around when they fully mobilized albeit at a heavy cost. Egypt makes a peace treaty with Israel where the Sinai Peninsula was given back to Egypt while Syria suffers a military defeat and loses more of its land. Jackie Wang

Another example:
Yom Kippur 3.PNG

Videos to Better Understand the problem:

The link to the videos is Here

Homework for spring vacation:
Period 3:

Period 4:

Monday. April 28th:
Extended opener: Periods 3 and 4
Reflection questions on Guide Questions 5: (Copy and paste into your wiki)
1. Discuss the viewpoint of the Israelis and the Palestinians on the barrier between Israel and the West Bank.2. What do you see as the major stumbling blocks in the attempted peace talks discussed in this section?
Reflection Questions on Guide Questions 6: (Copy and paste into your wiki)
1. Do you think Palestine should be a full member of the UN? Why or why not?2. Evaluate how a lasting peace could be achieved in this conflict. Give specific evidence from your work

  • Pair/share answers to Guide questions 5 and 6
  • Report out on any problems that you may still have

Different viewpoints on the Barrier Wall:
  • Take notes on the two videos in a Google Doc
  • Print your Google doc for class (period 3)
  • Period 4 will complete the activity in class today

Pro-Palestinian view on the Barrier Wall:

Pro Israeli view on the Barrier Wall:

Which of the two videos presents the strongest argument and why?
Tuesday period 3:
  • Review terms and connections
  • Watch video on Palestinian statehood and complete DJ (paper copy period 3)

  • Full mark up of What does Palestinian Statehood Mean? ( paper copy for period 3)

Homework for period 3 on Tuesday, April 29th:
  • Complete the notes on pro Palestinian and Pro Israeli views on the barrier wall and answer the question:
Which of the two videos presents the strongest argument and why? directly into your wiki
  • Complete full mark up of "What does Palestinian statehood mean" (You may also complete as a Google doc if you prefer) A digital copy is on my wiki
  • Before Thursday's class, print copies of all questions and answers on the Israeli-Palestine Question
  • work is due for Thursday's class; we do not meet on Wednesday

Wednesday, April 30th Period 4 will meet in Library:

  • Pair/share printed copies of your terms
  • If you do not have a working printer at home, be sure you print a copy of all your guide questions and answers. Before you print, be sure your name appears on each page.
  • Watch the video on Palestinian statehood and complete the DJ provided on my wiki
  • Copy and paste the document on Palestinian statehood into a NAMED Google doc. and complete a full markup>

  • Whatever is not completed in class on Wednesday is to be completed for Homework

Thursday May 1st:


  • If you are attending the college fair on Thursday, you will complete your rough draft at home and final draft in school tomorrow

  • If you are attending the college fair on Friday, you will complete the rough draft in class on Thursday and complete the final draft Thursday night and email me your letter via Google doc's BEfore you go to the fair on Friday

For Final Draft:

  • Make sure you highlighted the terms you used in your letter
  • Make sure you have explained how the term or event supports your position
  • Each of the Ten events you have selected should include a detailed explanation on how they support your position
  • You are to NUMBER the events that you explain in your paper so they can be easily Identified You may use footnotes for this task
When work is complete:
  • Task sheet
  • Final Draft of letter
  • Rough Draft of Letter
  • Paper copy of terms template