• French Revolution

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Essential Questions:
  • What is worth fighting for? Who decides?
  • What is the meaning of equality and is it achievable?
  • What is a revolution?

  • Explain the meaning of the term revolution
  • Identify and assess the causes of the French Revolution
  • Explain the meaning of key terms and people associated with the Revolution
  • Identify the major events of the French Revolution

Unit Assessments:
  • Digital Timeline on FRench Revolution
  • Traditional test on the French Revolution
  • Feature article on Napoleon: "Hero or Tyrant"

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Let's Get Started:

All StudentsPeriod 3: are to post to the wallwiasher wall: What is the Meaning of Equality?
All Students in Period 4: When do you Know When Something is Unfair?
All Students in Period 7: What is a Revolution?
All students in period 2: What is a Revolution?

Link to Horrible HIstory Video on French Revoultion: Horrible History of French Revolution

Image Detective Activity:
Ask a Question
Write down Clues
Draw a conclusion
Illustration: Execution at a guillotine
Illustration: Execution at a guillotine

All students are to post to the wallwisher wall: How do we know when a system is unfair?
Period 1 students: How do you know when something is unfair
ABC Chart:

The Following is a power point that highlights the key events of the French Revolution:French Revolution Powerpoint
Class and Homework:

Time line activity:

You be the Judge: : Storming of the Bastille

  • Read the Storming of the Bastille inyour Text: Page 198

  • Read and mark up a French newspapers report on the Storming of the Bastille

Visual Discovery: Three Estates:
Model Cartoon:
Cartoon to complete for Homework:

Another way to analyze a picture:
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Image Detective:
1. Pose a question about the picture2. Gather clues from what you see in the picture3. Draw a conclusion about the picture

Enlightened thinkers
  • One of the causes of the French Revolution is known to be the philosophies of the Enlighten thinkers
  • Below is a chart for you to comlete on these men
  • You may start with Chapter 5 section 2 of your text to gain a basic idea of each man's philosophy
  • You will add to the information gathered using the web

Sites for Annotated timelines:

Rubric for Time Line:

Sample using www. timetoast.com:


Directions for Using Timetoast.com:
Step 1: Create Your TimelineStep 2: Click "your timelines" On The Upper Right Hand CornerStep 3: Find Your Timeline, Then Click "Publish" *
* IMPORTANT: Your Timeline MUST Be Published In Order To Get An Embed Code.After You Have Completed Step 3, Your Timeline Should Now Be Under The "Public Timelines Section"
Step 4: Find Your Timeline and Click "View"Step 5: Scroll Down The Page and Underneath The Timeline There Should Be An "Embed/Share" ButtonStep 6: Click "Embed/Share"Step 7: Copy The Embed Code
Embed Your Timeline In Your Appropiate Wikispace Page
How To Embed Your Timeline In Wikispaces:
Step 1: Go To Wikispaces.com and Sign In To Your AccountStep 2: Create A New Page Titled "French Revolution", That's Where You Will Embed Your TimelineStep 3: Click "Widgets"Step 4: Scroll Down and Select "Other"Step 5: In The Box, Paste Your Timeline Embed Code Which You Copied From Timetoast.comStep 6: Click "Save"
Your Timeline Should Then Appear In Your Wikispace Page.
Reflection on Timeline: French Revolution and Rise of Napoleon:

  • Work is to be completed below your embedded timeline on the French Revolution page of your wiki.

A. Review your time line annotations:

B. Identify and explain how three events that occurred during the revolution were reactions to one of the major causes of the French Revolution. (You are reflecting on causes and outcomes)

Example: (you may not use this as one of your three!!!)

1. The Tennis Court Oath was a reaction to the lack of political voice of the Third Estate for centuries as the hands of the Old Order. It led to the creation of the National Assembly which sought political and economic equity.

Below is a video made by two teachers to review the French Revolution from the causes of the revolution to the rise of Napoleon.
Watch the video and listen to the lyrics. A digitlaal copy of the lyrics is provided here:

To be completed in your wiki:

Heading topic: Evaluation of the Lady Gaga Video on the French Revolution
  • To be Completed in Paragraph form: ( you may complete as a work document and then upload it to your wiki)

1. In a well formulated paragraph evaluate how watching the video and reading the lyrics increased your understanding of the major events of the French Revolution. Provide evidence from the video or lyrics

2. Identify and explain the lines of the song that describe the causes of the revolution

3. Identify and explain lines that describe changes caused by the Revolution

4. Which part of the video did you like the best and why?

Go to personal crocodoc To set up an accountCopy and paste a copy of the Declaration of Rights of Man into your crocodoc account

Section 2: The Republic
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This was a time of extreme government action to change French society and attempted to eliminate all government critics.

Preview Activity on this section:

Complete terms for Section 2. Digital copy:

Governments of Revolutionary France Activity:
external image 250px-Logo_de_la_R%C3%A9publique_fran%C3%A7aise.svg.png


  • Below is a file for you to open on Revolutionary Governments of France
  • The directions to complete the work are included.
  • Once you have completed this work, it is to be uploaded to the French Revolution page of your wiki

Once you have completed your work copy and save it to your hard drive or desk top using the file name: Governments of Revolutionary France
Then upload the file to your French Revolution wiki page

History Chanel Video on Reign of Terror:

Remember to write in the copy provided you must click "enable editing at the top of the page.
Save a copy of your completed work and then upload to your French Revolution page of your wiki

1. On the left list things you see and hear
2. On the right make comments on each
3. Summarize what you gained from watching the video

Rise and Rule of Napoleon:
external image Napoleon-Jacques-Louis_David_charlottenburg-version.jpg


The chaos of the French Revolution was the perfect setting for the meteoric rise to power of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was considered to be a military genius and often was able to be "at the right place at the right time." Within a few brief years, Napoleon rose from a mere army captain to the emperor of France.

Essential Questions:

  • Does the man make history or does history make the man?
  • Was Napoleon the rejection of the revolution or its completion?
  • How did Napoleon reshape Europe?

Here is a link to a short cartoon on Napoleon's rise to power
Cartoon on Napoleon

Section 3 Terms: n

external image eu_map_europe.jpg

Interactive map Here You have to scroll down to get the map on France

Interactive map activity

Link to political map of Europe: political map of Europe If you need help identifying countries

Visual: Two Faces of Napoleon:
This work is to be completed in your wiki

Section 4 Terms:

Legacy of Napoleon:

To Help you prepare for your article review the following topics on the PBS site listed provided below:

a. Youth and Family Life
b. Tyrant or hero
c. Self-made myth
d. Perspectives on Napoleon


Use the attached document to record your notes:

Some other good sites:

Click through the webquest here: Rise and Fall of Napoleon

BBC Summary on Napoleon

Interactive time line on Napoleon

Biography of Napoleon

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Template for feature article:

checklist for article:

Rubric for article:

just some ideas on writing....

Just to recap Writing assignment: external image recap.jpg

1. Be sure to check off all the requirements for the article
2. Always check the rubric to see what you need to do to get a 4 on the writing piece
  • print a hard copy
  • upload a copy to your wiki as a file
4. Remember late papers will loose 10 points for each day late

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