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Essential Questions:
  • Do the ends justify the means?
  • When and why does one nation have the right to intervene in the affairs of another nation?
  • Was the Cold War inevitable?
  • Did the United States "win" the Cold War, or did the Soviet Union "lose" it?
  • What lessons are to be learned from studying the Cold War?

Video to be displayed in the Library on the Eno Board: The Butter Battle Book by Dr Seuss

As you watch the movie think about your responses to the following questions:

a. Why do you think the Zooks and Yooks did not get along?

b. What do you think caused this conflict to get worse?

c. How do you think this happens with your friends or siblings?

d. What do you think the Zooks and Yooks could have done differently to prevent this conflict?

e. In the story, each side uses propaganda to make their side seem like the right side. Give some examples from the movie/book.
f. What does the story tell you about the Cold War?
g. What would be your ending to the story?

(The above questions may be answered for homework)


  • After WWI, A Cold War and an arms race led to dramatic social and economic change in Europe and North America. The U.S. replaced Western Europe as the dominant global power. As the chief global power, the U.S. took the lead in many of the conflicts that developed during and after the Cold War
  • Tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union developed quickly after the end of WWII
  • The Soviets wanted a protective belt against Germany as well as an opportunity to force-feed communism into the states of Eastern Europe
  • The West responded with rapid re-armament and an anti-Soviet Alliance system
  • Specific crises in Germany, Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and elsewhere developed during the Cold War
  • Equally troubling was the build up of nuclear weapons
  • Negotiations led to arms control measures from the 1960s onward
  • Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991

Below is a video that briefly highlights some of the key components of the Cold War
As you watch the video, complete the LEFT side of the Dialectical Journal ....a copy is here

Attached is a reader that highlights the main causes and effects of the Cold War
  • Mark up this document
  • write comments questions and connections
  • Summary of what you read

Seven Stages of the Cold War:

Stages of the Cold War DJ:

Complete the Image Detective activity for the propaganda picture below:
  1. Pose A question
  2. Gather clues (what do you see/)
  3. Draw a conclusion


Russian View point of the Cold War

Russsian political cartoon.PNG

Complete the Image Detective activity for the propaganda picture below:
  1. Pose A question
  2. Gather clues (what do you see/)
  3. Draw a conclusion

Interactive lesson on the Cold War
A link to an interactive lesson on the cold war is Here
  • Paper copies will be issued
  • All will also be placed on wiki here for any students absent:

Document to record material from interactive activity below

Opener on Cold war Activity:

Frayer Model on Cold War:

Capitalism vs. Communism

Capitalism vs. Communism.PNG

Questions to Consider:

  • What effects do Communism and Capitalism have on countries that practice them?
  • Which aspects of these two ideologies could have beneficial or harmful effects on the lives of the citizens of these countries

Attached is a document that highlights the pros and cons of Capitalism and Communism:

Record Information gained in the reader using the attached template:

Library Assignments: October 16-18th:

October 16th:

1. Opener:

Complete the opener and then attach it to your wiki.

2. Additions to Pros and Cons Template:
  • Watch the video below and add information gained to your template:
  • Once you have paired/shared the template, Both the markup and the template will be collected. Be sure to put your name and block on both

3. Analyzing political cartoon on means of production
  • Complete the document below
  • Copy the completed cartoon document into your wiki
Based on the markup on Communism vs. Capitalism complete the following activity:

4. Bumper sticker Activity:
  • Complete the activity and upload to your wiki

Any work not completed in class on Wednesday is to be completed for Homework

October 17th

1. Terms for Cold War Unit: terms.jpg

  • You may complete the term sheet attached below using the on line book or the internet.
  • Be sure the definitions are in your own words
  • Each term or identification is to be accompanied by a comment or connection
  • Print a copy of your completed term sheet and upload completed sheet to your wiki

2. Linking Activity: Links.png

  • Once you have completed the terms you are to make connections or links between two or more terms and explain your connection

  • Example: Fidel Castro/Nikita Khrushchev/ John F. Kennedy/ Cuban Missile Crisis:

  • Explanation: Fidel Castro, the leader of Cuba allowed Nikita Khrushchev, Premier of the Soviet Union to install missiles in Cuba ninety miles off the coast of the United States. John Kennedy, President of the United States set up a naval blockade of Cuba to prevent the Soviet Union from delivering any more weapons to Cuba. This was known as the Cuban Missile Crisis which was an event that almost caused head to head fighting between the Soviet Union and the United States that could have triggered WWIII.

  • You are to link all the terms in groups of two or more and provide an explanation for why you linked each group of terms

  • The work is to be completed directly in your wiki.

October 18th:

speech pix.jpg
Speeches of Leaders at the Start of the Cold War

We will be analyzing excerpt of speeches of Stalin, Churchill and Truman at the beginning of the Cold War


  • Excerpts of speeches are to be copied into either your personal Crocodoc account to be marked up or you may Google docs an d the comment button for analysis
  • In place of the "so what" paragraph you will be completing an APPARTS chart for each of the three speeches. You have received paper copies of the protocol and the form you will use. I have added a digital copy of both below as well.
  • All copies of mark ups and completed APPARTS charts must be uploaded yo your Cold War wiki page.

Excerpt from Stalin's Election Speech:

The APPARTS chart for this speech:
Excerpts from Churchill's "Iron Curtain" Speech:

Excerpts from Truman's Truman Doctrine Speech:

Highlight of Events of the Cold War

  • The Newmuseum presents a webquest on the Berlin Wall, one of the early focal events of the Cold war.
  • Spend some time on this interactive website about the division of Germany and life on both sides of the Berlin Wall. Identify how the experience of one city represents the tensions of the entire Cold War.
  • Take notes on what you learned from from going through the webquest using a Google Doc.
  • When completed, upload the Google doc link to your wiki. Be sure to name your link

For the second link: Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall use the document below:

Berlin Wall

Below is a 1961 Propaganda video shown from the viewpoint of a man who was on the West Berlin side.

As you watch the clip, answer the questions on the document below:

Assignments for Library: October 30-November 1

October 30:
  • Create a heading on your Cold War wiki page below your work on the Berlin wall entitled the Korean War
  • Upload a picture the represents the Korean War
  • Copy the Content questions below onto your wiki page
  • Watch the video below about the Overview of the Korean War
  • Complete the guide sheet attached below to guide your work with the Video

Background to the Korean War
korean war.jpg

Content Questions:

How did the Korean War turn into a Cold War Conflict?
Why did the Korean War not lead to world war?
How does the Korean War shed light on the broad themes of the Cold War?

Background to the Korean Conflict:

Koreans often use the proverb “when whales fight, the shrimp’s back is broken” to describe their country’s victimization at the hands of larger, more powerful neighbors.

The surrender of Japan to the allies at the end of World War II resulted in a new and unexpected development on the Korean peninsula: the division of Korea into two separate states, one in the North (the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, D.P.R.K.) and one in the South (the Republic of Korea, R.O.K.). In the final days of the war, the United States and the Soviet Union had agreed to jointly accept the Japanese surrender in Korea, with the U.S.S.R. occupying Korea north of the 38th parallel and the U.S. occupying south until an independent and unified Korean government could be established. However, by 1947, the emerging Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, combined with political differences between Koreans of the two occupation zones and the policies of the occupation forces on the ground, led to a breakdown in negotiations over a unified government of Korea.

Watch the attached video of the overview of the Korean War:

Korean War overview: Korean War Overview

Use the guide document to record information on the video; YOU MAY WISH TO COMPLETE IN A GOOGLE doc AN UPLOAD LINK OF COMPLETED WORK TO YOUR WIKI

October 31:

Opener: Based on guide sheet from the Overview of the Korean War Video:

  • Copy and past the opener into your wiki
  • Answer the opener directly in your Cold War Wiki Page

Opener: Based on Korean War Video:

  • Do you Believe the Korean War was a Civil War or a Proxy War ( war that results when opposing powers use third parties as substitutes for fighting each other directly.)?
  • Provide three pieces of evidence from the video to support your claim
  • Pair/share responses and make revisions in red

Picture Detective: Korean War Political cartoon
  1. Pose A question
  2. Gather clues (what do you see/)
  3. Draw a conclusion

Upload completed work to your wiki.

Copy and paste the attached document into a Google doc and complete the full Mark up Protocol

Once the mark up is completed answer the questions in the document below and upload to your wiki (if not completed in the library, be sure to copy and paste into a Google Doc)

Look at the U.S. Public opinion polls on the Korean Conflict attached below:

Public Opinion Poll on Korea

List and Rank the three most important points gained from the poll on your wiki. Explain your top choice.

You be the Judge Activity:

Below is an attached document that gives you two different versions of the Korean war. Read them and then complete the attached activity below

Copy and paste both documents into your wiki

Work for Wednesday, November 6th

  • Create a heading for the Cuban Missile Crisis on your wiki

  • Upload a picture that represents the Cuban Missile Crisis to your wiki

Cuban Missile Crisis :
cuban missile crisis.jpg


  • Click on the link below

  • You will assume the role of President Kennedy
  • You will be given five options of what you should do in Cuba
  • to gather information first go over the pictures of individual pictures of advisers seen on the right. As you click on them they will give you advice
  • then click on special Intelligence Estimates to gather more intelligence information.
  • Take notes from both sites in a Google Doc and upload link on your wiki

Based on both sites, select one of the five options given to you. In paragraph form explain the reasons for your selection. Provide evidence from both sources to support your selection.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Listen to President Kennedy's address to the American people on the Cuban Missile Crisis

President's Address

Below the audio is the text of the speech. You can read along as the president speaks

After listening to the speech, complete the following questions:

Thursday, November 7th:

In order to understand how Cuba became a part of the Cold War maneuvers between the United States and the former Soviet Union we have to know how Cuba became a Communist country.

Watch the video attached below about the Cuban Revolution and take notes on what you see and hear in a Google Doc

U.S and the Soviet Union on the Brink of War

The World at the Brink

The link above is a detailed and very interesting site that tells the the story of the thirteen days of the Cuban missile crisis
  • Create a Google Doc and label it by day. Then click on the date and review speeches, texts and maps and summarize the actions of each day
    in your Google Doc
  • This Google doc will be graded as a quiz grade

Opener the Brink of War:

Watch the Video of U.S. Ambassador Adlai Stevenson address to the Security Council of the United Nation

One of the strongest speeches ever given by a U.S ambassador to the United Nations

As you watch the video, complete the activity below:

(this will be a copy for your paper notebook)

Fidel Castro's View of the Cuban Missile Crisis:

Watch the short video on "Be Castro" on the Cuban Missile Crisis:

After watching the video and marking up the text, complete the following activity (space to complete is provided on the hard copy given each student:)

  • Based on the movie clip on Castro and your markup of How Castro Held the World Hostage, write your evaluation of how Castro could have made this Cold War incident "hot."
  • Please use direct references to the video and the textto support your claims
  • This is to be written in paragraph form

Vietnam War:

Opener: Write down Ten Facts you Know about the Vietnam War (to be placed in paper notebook)
Watch the Video below on the Vietnam War:

Complete the DJ on the movie:

(to be completed for paper notebook)

Complete Picture Detective Activity on this Political Cartoon:

Counter points on Domino Theory:

Listen to how the United States Won and Lost the War in Vietnam Here

Songs of Vietnam War
Attached is a video of the song War about the Vietnam War::

Lyrics to song:

Below is a digital copy of an annotated timeline on the Vietnam War.
You will also be provided with a paper copy. On Tuesday, November 19th I encourage you to bring in your laptops or tablets to work on the timeline. You will also be allowed to use your smart phones for research.

Your Homework for Tuesday:
  • complete any portion of the timeline you did not complete in class
  • select five events from the timeline to illustrate. If you like to draw please do so, if not describe what the illustration would be . In either case explain your reason for each illustration
  • Attach the illustrations or explanations to the timeline document

Work to be completed in the Library on Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The following work is to be uploaded to the Cold War Page of your wiki under the Vietnam War

Mai Lai Massacre


The following activity requires that you read a scenario and then comment on what you would do.
Complete the activity and upload completed document to your wiki:

Was the Mai Lai Massacre a War Crime????

In order to answer the above questions you will have to gather some facts:

Geneva Convention:
  • a series of international treaties binding on all states that agreed to them
  • The Fourth Geneva Convention covered the treatment of civilians in wartime.
  • Read and take notes on the summary of the fourth convention at the bottom of the site Here

Summary of the Mai Lai Incident:

  • read and take notes on the summary of the Mai Lai Incident provided on this site: Mai Lai

You may take notes on the 4th Geneva Convention and the summary of the Mai Lai Incident on the same Google Doc. Please upload your notes to your wiki.
Once you have completed the note taking on the Geneva Convention and the summary of the Mai Lai Incident, answer the question: Was Mai Lai a War Crime?

  • answer on a separate Google doc in paragraph form
  • provide evidence from the two sources you read
  • upload completed document to your wiki

Any work not completed in class should be completed for Homework. There will be a different assignment for Thursday

Work for Period 3 on Thursday and Period 4 on Friday i the Library

Afghanistan: The Soviet Union's Vietnam


  • Copy the map above into your wiki
  • Analyze the map and list 5 observations on what you see in your wiki

Read the summary of the Soviet Afghanistan War provided the link Here

After you read the summary of the Soviet Afghanistan you are to write a news story based on the information. Open the document below to see the requirements for the news story that should be completed in a Google Doc and uploaded to your wiki.

Homework for the weekend:

End of Cold War
end of c0ld war.gif

Read about the end of the Cold War Here

Take the quiz on the bottom of the same page


Causes of Cold War
Stages of Cold War
Interactive lesson on Cold War
Pros and cons of Communism vs, Capitalism
Stalin, Churchill, Truman speeches
Berlin Wall
Korean War
Cuban Missile Crisis
Vietnam War
Mai Lai Massacre
Soviet Afghanistan War
End of the Cold War

Review Activities:These will be collected on Tuesday
  • Update definitions and comments and connections to term sheet
  • Update Frayer model on Cold War
  • Annotated timeline of Vietnam

What do you Know about the Cold War Activity:
  • You have 5 minutes to write down everything you know about the Cold War (Events, causes, leaders....)

Preparing for CEPA



Directions for CEPA:

Research Questions on your country:

Note taking form for each source:

Writing Rubric:

Super Power Organizer:

Great Source on Influence of Superpowers around the world:Here

BBC country profiles link: BBC link

CIA Factbook: CIA Factbook

Good source for Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania: European Cold War countries

Good for research on all countries: Here

Country Research:






Czech Republic:

Dominican Republic:

El Salvador:









Monday, December 9th:


  • Using your "Get to Know your country" form, list 10 of the most important things that the UN should know about your country
  • Post your list on your wiki
  • Pair/share with your partner

Each of you is to compose the first paragraph of your UN paper based on what you want the UN to know about your country. ( can be positives as well as a negatives
  • where you are located in the world
  • bordering nations ( your country's relationship with bordering nations)
  • Official languages, religions
  • Type of government ( is it corrupt? Dictatorship, Democracy.....)
  • infrastructure status
  • Population
  • literacy rate
  • Major imports and exports
  • Major trade partners
  • Allies
  • Conflicts both past and present ( government coups, civil wars, involvement in wars with other nations

Return to research

Reminders: reminder.jpg


Outline of paper:

  • Background on your nation
  • What role did your country play in the Cold War ( In what way(s) was your country involved in the Cold War?)
  • What superpower had the most impact on your nation and how did it influence your nation politically, socially, and economically
  • Explain how your country was different as a result of the Cold War
  • Make your case why you should seek reparations from the United States or the Soviet Union
  • Conclusion

Reflection on Cold War:

Check List for Wiki Page Grading: